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About Our Board

2017 Board & Officers

Stacey Hargis
1st Vice President:
Dock Voorhies
2nd Vice President:

Josh Clayton 
Tammy Young

Members At Large:

Mary Dunn
Lauren Ewing
Don Gibbs 
Loreta Leavitt 
Sam Medica 
Kyle McCotter
Brittany Odom
Paul Pratt 
Rebecca Payton
Betsy Sample 
Gregg Trusty 
Dr. Melva Williams

Emeritus Board
Linda MacKinnon
Liz Swaine
Jeff Everson
Amy Krohn
Steve Prator 

Executive Director:

Monica Wright

2017 Meeting Dates

Executive Committee

Josh Clayton
Stacey Hand  
Stacey Hargis
Sam Medica
Rebecca Payton
Paul Pratt
Dock Voorhies
Tammy Young  


1700 Buckner St., Suite 220, Board Room @ Noon

  • Feb 27nd
  • Apr 24th
  • Jun 26th
  • Aug 28th
  • Oct 23th


Board of Directors Full Board

1700 Buckner St., Suite 251, Board Room @ Noon

  • Jan 23th
  • Mar 27th
  • May 22rd
  • Jul 24th
  • Sep 25th
  • Nov 27th


7.01 Meetings

All board meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, in which the rules are not inconsistent with these bylaws or revised statutory regulation.

7.02 Open Meetings

Meetings of the Council shall be conducted in accordance with R.S.42:1 et seq., the Open Meetings Law.

7.03 Agenda

The Board Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, and/or the Director shall consult on the preparation of relevant agenda items for Board Meetings.

7.04  Regular Meetings

Regular Meetings of the Board shall be held at least six times a year according to a schedule determined by the Board.
The dates and times must be announced in accordance with the Open Meetings Law.

7.05 Special Meetings

The Chairman of the Board may call special meetings.
The purpose of the meetings shall be stated in the request.
Except in the cases of emergency, at least twenty-four hours notice shall be given.

7.06 Notice of Board Meetings

Notices shall be given by regular mail to each member at least five days before the date designated for such meetings.
The notice shall specify the place, date, time and business to be brought before the board.

7.07 Quorum

The presence of a simple majority of the number of Board members stated in the bylaws shall be necessary to constitue a quorum at any meeting of the Board and/or committee to transact business.
An act of a simple majority of the Directors attending a meeting when a quorum is present shall be an act of the Board.

7.08 Voting Procedures.

Voting will be conducted by voice vote of "yea" or "nay".
No member will vote by proxy.
Each member is to have one vote.
If the vote is not unanimous, the votes made by members of the Board shall be recorded by member's name in the minutes of the meeting and as required by the Louisiana Open Meetings Law (R.S.42.5 et seq.)

7.09 Meetings of the Executive Committee.

The executive committee shall meet monthly and at such times as the President may deem necessary, or when requested in writing signed by a majority of the Executive Committee.

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