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Foster Grandparents Volunteer Stations


A volunteer station is a public agency, secular or faith-based private non-profit organization, or proprietary health care organization that accepts the responsibility for assignment and supervision of Foster Grandparent volunteers. Each station must be licensed or otherwise certified, when required, by the appropriate federal, state or local government.


What are the responsibilities of a volunteer station?

A volunteer station shall undertake the following responsibilities in support of Foster Grandparent volunteers:

(a) Develop volunteer assignments that meet the requirements specified in §§2552.71 through 2552.72 and regularly assess those assignments for continued appropriateness.

(b) Select eligible children for assigned volunteers.

(c) Develop a written volunteer assignment plan for each child that identifies the role and activities of the Foster Grandparent and expected outcomes for the child served.

(d) Obtain a Letter of Agreement for Foster Grandparents assigned in-home. This letter must comply with all Federal, State and local regulations.

(e) Provide Foster Grandparents serving the station with:

(1) Orientation to the station and any in-service training necessary to enhance performance of assignments;

(2) Resources required for performance of assignments including reasonable accommodation; and

(3) Appropriate recognition.

(f) Designate a staff member to oversee fulfillment of station responsibilities and supervision of Foster Grandparents while on assignment.

(g) Keep records and prepare reports required by the sponsor.

(h) Provide for the safety of Foster Grandparents assigned to it.

(i) Comply with all applicable civil rights laws and regulations including reasonable accommodation for Foster Grandparents with disabilities.

(j) Undertake such other responsibilities as may be necessary to the successful performance of Foster Grandparents in their assignments or as agreed to in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Head Start Centers:
ARC of Caddo-Bossier          
Eddie Jones                      
Mt. Bethel
Balistine W. Hopkins              
Faith Lutheran                  
Roy “Hoppy” Hopkins
Brown E. Moore
Hersey D. Wilson
C. E.  Galloway       
Johnnie L. Cochran
David Raines
Lake Bethlehem

Volunteer Stations:
Multicultural Center of the South/81st After School Program
81st Elementary                                  
Barrett Paideia Academy Elementary
Caddo Heights Elementary
Werner Park Academy Elementary
Plantation Park Elementary
Shriners Children Hospital
LSU-University Health Center
Pat’s Playhouse & Learning Christ Temple Center
Stonewall Child Development Center
Praise Temple Mustard Seed Child Developmental Center
Queensborough Elementary

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