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Staff Gallery

Regular Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 am to 3:30 pm  |  Telephone:  (318) 676-7900  Fax: (318) 676-7911

Departments: Accounting [ACCT]  |  Administration [ADM]  |  Aging & Disability Resource Center [ADRC]  |  Information & Asssistance [I&A] | Information Technology [IT]  |  Nutrition [NUTR]  |  Ombudsman [OMB]  |  Social Services [SOCSV]

Monica Wright
Executive Director  Ext: 223
  Delores Bowers
Dept: NUTR Ext: 240
  Chuck Bradford
Dept: IT Ext: 235
  Connie Bramlett
Dept: ACCT Ext: 233
  Ernell Brown
Dept: SOCSV Ext: 229




Photo Pending

Demetria Miles
Dept: OMB Ext: 254
      Cheryl McDuffy
Dept: ADRC Ext: 253
  Chiquita Davis
Dept: NUTR Ext: 241
  Connie Dress
Dept: SOCSV Ext: 231




Photo Pending

Meosha Rambo
Dept: ACCT Ext: 230
  Charlotte Flynn
Dept: OMB Ext: 234
  Jeanette Hall
Dept: SOCSV Ext: 228
  Teresa Huggins
Dept: ADRC Ext: 256
  Eloise Johnson
Dept: ADM Ext: 249




Photo Pending


Veronica May
Dept: ACCT Ext: 232
  Bernita Stevenson
Dept: ADM Ext: 226
  Wanda Krumplebeck
Dept: OMB Ext: 234
  Daisy Alexander
Dept: ADRC Ext: 227
  Gladys Walters
Dept: ADRC Ext: 250
Meal Delivery Driver Staff
Dept: NUTR Ext: NA


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