Volunteer Opportunities

There are lots of volunteer opportunities at CCOA! Just ask!

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Monday through Thursday, volunteer teams fan out across Caddo Parish helping seniors. Sometimes, the volunteers are the only people that seniors see all day. As a volunteer you are a kind of lifeline to our older citizens... And you can't put a price on that. We guarantee that you're not just delivering hot food; you're delivering HOPE!

Becoming part of the program is easy! Each volunteer delivers only 8 meals and it takes about 45 minutes. The meals are delivered to station all over town and then volunteers deliver to seniors living in the area of the stations. Stations can be businesses, churches or other organizations.

We make it easy, YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!



Ombudsman - Long Term Care Visitorsclientuploads/FBProfile_OmbudMud.jpg

Long-Term Care Visitors play an important role in the Ombudsman Program by:

These volunteers initially complete six to eight hours of training and complete another six hours annually.

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