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I would like to become an RSVP volunteer. What do I do now?

First off you need to be 55 and older. Next just fill out the RSVP Volunteer Registration Form and contact the RSVP Office at 319-632-2112. RSVP staff will work with you to help you find just the right volunteer opportunity, one that will inspire your interest and fit your time schedule. At this time Caddo/Bossier RSVP works with more then 80 service organization in the area, so whatever you would to do, we can find the station that will fit you.

Who is an RSVP Volunteer?

RSVP volunteers are volunteers in the truest sense of the word, giving of their time freely without pay, just to make our world a better place. RSVP volunteers have the opportunity to pick and choose where they wish to give their time.

RSVP fits your schedule

RSVP strives to maintain flexibility in the scheduling of assignments. There is no minimum number of service hours required. However, and RSVP volunteer must serve and report at least one hour every three months to be considered a member of RSVP.

Assignment hours vary according to the needs of the agencies but you may select an assignment that suits you schedule. We realize that you may have planned to do things during retirement that might conflict with you volunteering. If you want to travel, work or alter your schedule because of conflicting commitments, just notify your station or the RSVP office.

We can find a volunteer opportunity that is tailored made just for you.

Special Volunteer Projects

We realize that many volunteers want to serve their community but do not have a lot of spare time. Many agencies need help with special events and do not entail a long-term commitment. If you would like to assist with short-term volunteer projects please inform the RSVP office and they will contact you when these assignment become available

Reporting your hours

Volunteers report their hours on a monthly basis. As an RSVP volunteer you are responsible for making sure RSVP receives you hours at the end of each month. Please notify the RSVP office if you need more time sheets or download one right from this page.

It is very import to report your hours each month to your RSVP office. Hours are tallied and place by volunteers name and the station served. This report is then sent to Washington DC.

RSVP Volunteer Benefits


As an enrolled RSVP volunteer, you are covered by personal liability, accident, and excess automobile liability insurance at no cost to you. This insurance acts as a secondary to the coverage you already have. This insurance is in effect while you are on a volunteer assignment as well as while you're in route to and from the station.


Each spring RSVP has her annual recognition to honor all her dedicated volunteers. RSVP also sends out Birthday card to RSVP volunteers. During the holiday season each year RSVP has a get to gather at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum to start the season off right.


Quarterly an RSVP newsletter is sent out to all RSVP volunteers and stations. It contains information on volunteer opportunities and helpful information. RSVP volunteers are encouraged to submit articles for publication in the newsletter.

Email notification:

RSVP keeps in contact with her volunteers through email. Messages are sent to volunteers via the email to help keep them informed of up coming volunteer opportunities and other events of importance in the community

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