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What is Lyft?

Lyft is a ride-hailing service that lets riders call a driver and car to their location using the Lyft app. When you request a ride, a driver near you will be sent the request, which they can accept or decline. You'll be given an estimated time until pickup, then when your driver arrives, you just get in the car and go.
Because you'll already have your payment information saved in the Lyft app, you don't need to worry about having enough cash or swiping your credit or debit card when the ride is over. At the end of the ride, you can even add a tip for your driver when you pay in the app.

How do I sign up?

Everything you do with Lyft, including signup, takes place in the Lyft app. Once you've got the app installed, you can enter information like your email address and a password and set up your Lyft account.
You'll also need to enter a preferred payment method, such as a credit or debit card. Lyft also supports Apple Pay, as well as PayPal. If you have Apple Pay set up on your iPhone, it shows up as one of the available payment options for any Lyft ride, and you can set it as your default payment method when you order your next ride.  Lyft will also need access to your location so the driver knows where to pick you up. Learn more HERE.