Advisory Council

Function of the Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was established and serves in accordance with Section 1321.93 Pg. 21156, Vol 45, No. 63 Monday May 31, 1980 of the federal Register with duties outlined in Section 1321.97,Vol. 45, No. 63.

The function of the Advisory Council is to develop and administer the area plan, conduct public hearings, represent the interests of older person and review and comment on all community policies, programs and actions which affect older persons.

Members on this Advisory Council represent older persons and include older persons with greatest economic and social needs, local elected officials and the general public.

Meet at least quarterly.

2024 Caddo Council on Aging Advisory Council

Angelique Feaster Evans

Betsy Sample

Clara Farley

Kathy Williams

Margaret John

Sam Medica

Jonathan "Jay" High

Von Jennings